I started my main business, Key Skills PR+Photography+Music, in 2003...not long after I bought my car...
...& I've been successfully serving businesses & consumers ever since.
My range of photography services is wide & includes:
  • Advertisement & General Commercial photography
  • Sports & Events photography
  • Editorial photography
  • Family & Pets photography in the home
  • Creative & Product photography
  • Wedding Photography - in partnership with Camera Angles
  • Photography lessons for beginners
Guidance on Prices Terms

Other services available:
* Public Relations consultancy * Marketing & Business Development consultancy * Piano & Keyboard teaching

Guidance on Prices & Terms

In the Lowepro kit bag at your service:
Canon 5D Mk2, Canon 7D, Canon 24-105mm L, Canon 70-200m L,
Speedlite 430 EX flash, Cokin Z Pro ND filters, Manfrotto tripod & monopod...
...and a few other bits & pieces necessary to the job.
  • Comprehensive examples of my photography work can be seen here
  • References & reviews of all my work can be seen here
  • More details on all these services can be seen here
  • You can follow me on various sites. See the Contact page for details
After seeing my work & the reviews, I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon!
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